It’s not so bad after all

Unless you read the fine details of my bio, you probably wouldn’t know, but I’m a resident doctor, in my 2nd year of residency, trying to survive in Philadelphia. That’s what I’m usually up to, whenever I’m not nurturing my spirit on a travel adventure. Recently at work I saw a patient in the medicine … Continue reading It’s not so bad after all


Saint Lucia Getaway ft. Martinique

Before going on my latest vacation to the Caribbean (Saint Lucia and Martinique), I researched popular things to do, costs, tips etc. and while there are a lot of blogs out there, none was giving me ALL the information I wanted. So naturally, I thought to do my own complete piece for likeminded individuals, in … Continue reading Saint Lucia Getaway ft. Martinique

Solo trip to Thailand

Heads up - This is going to be a long post!


Leaving New York.

This is all too familiar to me, but still not an easy pill to swallow. I previously attended St. John’s University in Queens, NY before going to medical school – that’s why I call NYC my second home, because I’ve had some of the best years of my life there. I moved out of Queens … Continue reading Leaving New York.



Hi. I’ve recently been re-inspired by events in my life. Inspiration is such a great thing. It's a wonderful feeling to have and even better to pass along. I know, I know, there are millions of blogs out there and everything under the sun has been done before - BUT I want to open up more … Continue reading Introduction.