Leaving New York.

This is all too familiar to me, but still not an easy pill to swallow. I previously attended St. John’s University in Queens, NY before going to medical school – that’s why I call NYC my second home, because I’ve had some of the best years of my life there. I moved out of Queens and back to the Caribbean in 2011 to start school and as luck would have it, I came back in 2014 to continue my studies. I moved to Brooklyn and bought a bicycle and lived the dream but it’s 2 years later and time to move on.

I decided it would not only help me get practice with my new camera but it would also benefit anyone who cares about ‘must see’ landmarks in NYC , if I went around and took a bunch of photos of places and landscapes that every tourist should see in NYC.

9 Famous ‘Must See’ Landmarks in NYC

  1. Brooklyn Bridge Park

    Where you can witness spectacular views of downtown ManhattanDSC_0132DSC_0175

  2. Central Park

    It’s romantic and scenic any time of yearDSC_0031

  3. Times Square

    The green heart of the Big AppleDSC_0269

  4. Bryant Park

    A park in the middle of midtown that sees endless action year roundDSC_0248

  5. Washington Square Park 

    Famous for the Washington Square Arch and endless street performances DSC_0231

  6. The Empire State

    The building that dominates the iconic NY skylineDSC_0211

  7. One World Trade and 9/11 Memorial

    Built in memorial to the 9/11 victims DSC_0196

  8. The Highline

    An abandoned railroad turned into a great place to relax and take in the sunset over the Hudson RiverDSC_0307

  9. Columbus Circle

    The beginning of Central ParkDSC_0285DSC_0276


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