I’ve recently been re-inspired by events in my life. Inspiration is such a great thing. It’s a wonderful feeling to have and even better to pass along. I know, I know, there are millions of blogs out there and everything under the sun has been done before – BUT I want to open up more about my life, because I feel like I have a different perspective to share. So here we go.

I’m a 27 year old recent medical school graduate who just bought a cool camera and a lot of plane tickets to take the trip of a life time. I’m also an island girl, born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago and now I’m trying my hand at practicing medicine in the USA. So while I await placement, I’ll be spending my time doing things I enjoy.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that I just packed up all my stuff and moved out of my second home, New York City.

So that’s why I’m calling this ‘Where I’m At’, because life is constantly changing and I’m about about to enter a new phase in my life. I’ll be traveling quite a bit, moving to a new place and starting a new job all within the next few months. It’s exciting, but riddled with anxiety and other mixed emotions. I just hope that I can inspire or leave any kind of positive feeling with at least one of you beautiful people out there. 


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